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Handsfree Laser Collar

Handsfree Laser Collar

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Turn Your Cat's Playtime Into Free Time For You!

Have you ever seen the joy in a cat's eyes as they chase a laser dot?

That tiny, elusive red dot brings out their wildest instincts, making playtime a sight to behold. But there's a catch — usually, it means you're stuck pointing and playing.

Not anymore! Introducing the Handfree Laser Cat Collar: the game-changer for busy cat parents and playful kitties.

Imagine this: Your cat is entertained, chasing, leaping, and having the time of their life. And you? You're sipping your coffee, reading a book, or simply watching the magic happen. No more juggling between tasks.

It's a win for your feline friend and a bigger win for you. Dive into the world where play meets freedom.

An Interactive Experience They Control!
The collar's design gives your cat the reins, making them an active participant. They'll quickly learn to control the chase, moving in ways that direct the laser's path. It's not just play; it's an interactive experience that challenges and delights them.

Perfect Fit for Every Purr-sonality
Whether you're the proud parent of a sprightly kitten or a majestic mature cat, our collar is crafted to fit just right. Adjustable and comfortable, it respects the fact that every cat is unique. After all, your cat deserves a toy tailored to them, not a one-size-fits-all solution.

Eco-Friendly Rechargeable Longlasting Battery
Not only does it keep the fun running longer with its efficient power system, but its rechargeable design also means fewer batteries end up in landfills. It's the perfect blend of endless play for your kitty and eco-conscious choices for the planet. Your cat gets the joy of the chase, and together, we all make a step towards a greener world.


Designed with Expertise, Approved by Vets!
The Laser Cat Collar wasn't just dreamt up overnight. It was crafted with the input of renowned veterinarians who understand the essence of feline play.

"As a vet, I'm constantly seeking tools that help cats express their natural instincts in safe environments. This collar is a win!" - Dr. Amelia Warren

"I've recommended the Laser Cat Collar to numerous pet parents. It's more than a toy; it's a way to enrich a cat's life." - Dr. Hector Gomez

"Innovative and cat-centric. A product that truly understands the feline mind." - Dr. Priya Ranganathan


95% of our customers report a happier, more active cat within just a week of using our collar.

89% said they loved the freedom of not changing batteries constantly.  

92% of cat parents enjoyed the peace and quiet while their cats entertained themselves.


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