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EasyScoop - Clean The Litter Box 3x Faster

EasyScoop - Clean The Litter Box 3x Faster

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Love your cat to death? but hate spend forever cleaning their litterbox?
Millions of people love cats and share their homes with them. But ask any cat owner what they dislike most about having a cat in their home, and they’ll likely tell you: "SCOOPING THE LITTERBOX!"

We have the answer!

It's the EasyScoop™ is lightweight, easy to clean, and perfect for multi-cat families and professionals!

There's no need to shake it when scooping because the litter falls right through the round tines, so there's NO DUST! All you're lifting is the waste.

The  EasyScoop™ is the last scoop you will ever need, guaranteed!

🐈 FAST SIFTING SAVES YOUR TIME: The BasicForm Cat Litter Scoop design with stainless steel metal wire traps solids while the 6mm gap allows the litter to filter rapidly back through in seconds, keeping more usable litter in the box; it sifts quickly and causes less dust inhalation. Perfect for a multi-cat family.😺😺😊

🐈 EASY TO USE: The deep shovel makes sifting easy and ergonomic – also, we added more crossbars on the side of scoop to prevent small clumps from falling away.

🐈 DURABLE & LONG-LASTING: The durable scoop is made of 4mm diameter stainless steel wire. The smooth surface with epoxy resin coating makes it corrosion-resistant. Includes a metal gap for easy hanging. Easy to clean with water.

  • Rapid sifting cat litter in 1 second, keeps litter in clumps and less dust inhalation
  • Sturdy, made of 4mm diameter stainless steel wire
  • Easy cleaning. Smooth surface with epoxy resin coating makes it corrosion resistant
  • Size:13.4x6.2x2.7inches
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